Alachua Circuit Civil Division J


  • All orders shall have a 2" x 3.5" blank space on the first page of the order in the upper right-hand corner. An example of an order with this space requirement can be found here.
  • Proposed orders should not be e-filed with the Clerk.  When all parties can be e-served copies of orders, the proposed order and cover letter should be emailed to Theresa Hall at  If submitted by e-mail, the proposed order should be submitted in Word Format.  If there are parties who have not consented to use e-mail service, the proposed order, together with a cover letter, copies for conforming and stamped addressed envelopes should be mailed or hand delivered to the judicial assistant who will provide copies by email to those parties that have consented and by U.S. Mail for those that have not.  Orders will not be entered until the motion has been docketed and imaged by the Clerk.
  • All proposed orders should include specific e-mail addresses (as opposed to “counsel of record”) at the bottom if copies are to be provided by e-mail service. 

Status Conferences/Non-Evidentiary Hearings:

  • Judge Keim does require a written motion / order for telephonic appearance at status conferences or non-evidentiary hearings.  All motions must be filed with the Clerk of Court no later than 10 days before the status conference or non-evidentiary hearing. Any party who wishes to appear telephonically must confirm approval to do so with her judicial assistant at least 7 days prior to the hearing, and must notify all other parties and offer to include them in a conference call to the Court.  If multiple parties will be appearing telephonically the party who first seeks telephone appearance must coordinate the conference call unless otherwise agreed.  If your office prepares a notice of hearing, it must include language noting who will appear telephonically and who will arrange the conference call, if applicable.
  • Parties appearing by telephone must initiate the call to the Court at the time of the scheduled hearing.  If more than one party is appearing by telephone, the Court should be contacted last at the scheduled time after all parties are on the line.
  • Judge Keim will consider written motions for a witness to appear telephonically, and all parties must consent in writing, as per Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.530(d)(1).