Professionalism Panel

Pursuant to Eighth Judicial Circuit Administrative Order 10.02 and Florida Supreme Court Opinion No. SC13-688, In Re: Code for Resolving Professionalism Complaints, the Eighth Judicial Circuit’s Local Professionalism Panel is as follows:

  • Raymond F. Brady, Esq. (Chair) – Perry, Vloedman & Brady
  • Honorable Tony S. Monaco (Vice Chair), Circuit Judge, Eighth Judicial Circuit
  • Honorable Walter M. Green, Alachua County Judge, Eighth Judicial Circuit
  • Honorable Sheree H. Lancaster, Gilchrist County Judge, Eighth Judicial Circuit
  • Phil C. Beverly, Jr., Esq. – Law Office of Phil C. Beverly, Jr.
  • Alan Chipperfield, Esq. – Assistant Public Defender, Office of the Public Defender, Eighth Judicial Circuit
  • Philip N. Kabler, Esq. – Kabler Moreno LLP
  • Teresa (Rambo) Reed, Professor – University of Florida Levin College of Law
  • Meshon T. Rawls, Esq. – Gator Team Child
  • Jeanne M. Singer, Esq. – Chief Assistant State Attorney, Office of the State Attorney, Eighth Judicial Circuit
  • Carl B. Schwait, Esq. – Dell Graham, P.A.

Professionalism Referral Form