Ordering Transcripts & CDs

Requesting a Transcription or Audio/Video CD:

To request a transcript or audio/video CD, please complete the Transcript or Audio/Video CD Request Form, and press the "Submit" button.
Please note that for some web browsers, you may be required to save the form to your computer prior to completing and submitting the form. If your email client does attach the pdf after pressing the submit button, please email the Request Form to wablek@circuit8.org and whiteb@circuit8.org.

After your request has been submitted, a court reporter will contact you to provide an estimate of cost and instructions for payment.  Please print the completed Transcript or Audio/Video CD Request Form and sign the Prohibition Against Dissemination.

Court Reporting Contacts

Questions regarding transcripts or audio/video CD requests should be directed to the Court Reporting Office as follows:

Costs for Transcripts

  • $4.50 per page for 2-4 week delivery
  • $6.75 per page for 1 week delivery (if available)
  • $9.00 per page for overnight delivery (if available)
  • $3.00 per page for rough draft/real-time uncertified, non-final copy

Costs for Digital Recording/CDs

Copies of electronically recorded court proceedings shall be provided upon request. The requesting party will need to fill out and sign the Prohibition Against Dissemination located on the Transcript or Audio/Video CD Request Form. Pursuant to Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC11-22, before any CD is released to a non-party in a case, it shall be redacted of any confidential material found therein, as defined by applicable law, and labeled accordingly.

  • Audio recordings of court events are $25.00 (CD provided).
  • Audio and video CDs are $35.00 (CD provided).
  • $22.50 per hour for review and redaction

Method of Payment

We accept certified checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders made payable to the State of FloridaWe do not accept personal checks, cash, or credit cards as payment. 50% of the estimated cost is required up front. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of your request. 

For additional information on the Court Reporting Program, please see 
Administrative Order No. 1.14.