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Volunteer Small Claims Court Mediation Training Program

Are you inspired to give back to the community, but don’t know how best to use your talents in service of others?  Why not volunteer as a Small Claims Court mediator?  The Eighth Judicial Circuit is now accepting applications for the Dispute Resolution Center’s four-day County Mediation Training program, to be held in Gainesville from March 31st through April...


Jury Scam Alert

Beware of jury scam phone calls. The Court will not call asking for money. If you have any questions regarding jury duty, please call Court Administration (352) 264-7029 or (352) 374-3638.



The Court recognizes that jury service may impose a hardship on citizens.  Every effort is made to ensure that each juror has a positive experience.  The Judges of the Eighth Judicial Circuit thank you in advance for your service, and we hope that you find your jury service to be an interesting and positive experience.


Pro se means you have chosen to proceed without the assistance of an attorney.  If you are not sure you want to represent yourself, you can contact the Florida Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service to consult with an attorney.  For more information on what a Self Help program can provide, please check the Self Help Section on the Florida Courts website.

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