Judge Wright’s Alachua Circuit Civil Division Procedures


Evidence Requirement
  • The Court does not print exhibits received by email.
  • All exhibits should be sent to Judge Wright’s Office (Room 247 in Starke and Room 304 in Gainesville) in a binder no later than 7 days before the hearing.
    • All exhibits must be pre-marked with a letter for identification
    • An Index of Exhibits should also be included
      • Please indicate on the Index of Exhibits whether each exhibit has or has not been stipulated to by the parties.
Case law must be provided via email to SimoneauxA@circuit8.org no later than 5 days before the hearing.

    Motions to Compel
    • Pursuant to Rule 1.380, Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, “The motion must include a certification that the movant, in good faith, has conferred or attempted to confer with the person or party failing to make the discovery in an effort to secure the information or material without court action.”
    • Additionally, the 8th Circuit Standing Case Management Order states: “A statement that counsel attempted to confer with opposing counsel is insufficient unless the good faith statement details the date and time of at least three attempts to confer that occurred within the one-month period immediately prior to the filing of the motion.”
    • The Court will not consider any Motions to Compel that do not comply with the above.
    Proposed Orders
    • Proposed Orders shall be submitted through the Florida Courts E-Filing portal (https://www.myflcourtaccess.com/) in Microsoft Word format. Signed stipulated orders are the exception and may be submitted in PDF format.  Do not send proposed orders or final judgments by US Mail or email.  All proposed orders or final judgments sent directly to the Court by attorneys will be refused without processing.  Proposed Final Judgments shall be submitted to the Court 2 days prior to the hearing.  Please see the instructions below for formatting.
    • All orders shall have a 2″ x 3.5″ blank space on the first page of the order in the upper right-hand corner. An example of an order with this space requirement can be found here.
    • If there are any parties to the case requiring service by US mail, attorneys shall submit blank, postage paid envelopes to the office of Judge Wright.
    • All orders shall include the following coding after the body of the proposed order. This coding allows our computer system to input the proper dates and signatures for processing.



                                                                                           CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE
    I HEREBY CERTIFY that copies have been furnished by U.S. Mail or via filing with the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal on MMMM.


    • Should an additional party or address be required for service of the order that is not contained in the court file, please type the name of the party who is to receive the order, as well as that party’s email address OR mailing address at the end of the AAAA block in the Certificate of Service.
    Hearing Requests
    • Hearing requests are not accepted by telephone. Please email all hearing requests to  simoneauxa@circuit8.org using the form below.
    • Please confirm that your motion has been filed, served on all parties, and docketed prior to requesting hearing time. No hearing time will be given for motions that are not filed and docketed. If you have questions about whether your motion is filed and docketed, please contact the Alachua County Clerk of Court.
    • If all parties may not receive notice of a hearing in sufficient time for the timeframe requested below, the Court may extend the timeframe for a matter to be heard. The Court will attempt to accommodate all requested timeframes but can make no assurance of availability on the Court’s calendar.
    • Our office does not hold suggested dates for hearings and a hearing is not scheduled on the Court’s calendar unless you receive either confirmation from the judicial assistant or an order setting hearing.
    • Once a motion or petition is scheduled, any other motions or matters may NOT be noticed at the same time reserved for the first motion unless prior approval has been obtained from the judicial assistant.
    • If a hearing is no longer needed, please notify the Court by emailing the judicial assistant a courtesy copy of the Notice of Cancellation of Hearing.
    • Please note that emergency hearings may be set by the Court without being coordinated with counsel and/or parties.
    • Please complete the form below, then click “Open E-Mail Client” or “Copy to Clipboard” and email the completed form to simoneauxa@circuit8.org.