Judge Lorelie P. Brannan

Judge Lorelie P. Brannan

The Code of Judicial Conduct governing behavior by judges forbids the judges of the Eighth Judicial Circuit to discuss pending cases with the public. Please do not call the Court expecting to speak with a Judge about any case. If you have a comment to make, please mail it to the Clerk’s Office in the appropriate county. Please keep in mind that the Court is only allowed to consider arguments made in court and documents filed by actual parties to the case. They cannot ethically read or consider any other opinions or arguments about the case, and they cannot give legal advice. Thank you.

Current Assignment

County Court Judge: May 21, 2022 – Present

Baker: All County Court Matters
Baker: Truancy Court
Baker: Shelter Hearings

Baker County Canvassing Board, Chair

Judicial Assistant

Kristina Crews


Baker County Courthouse
339 East Macclenny Avenue, Suite 219
Macclenny, FL 32063
Phone: (904) 259-3575
Fax: (904) 259-1451


  • Please email Crewsk@circuit8.org to request a hearing time. The email request should include:
    • Case number
    • Style of the case
    • A courtesy copy of the motion(s) or petitions(s) being set
    • The total amount of time requested
    • Whether the opposing party is represented by counsel
  • Our office does not hold suggested dates for hearings and a hearing is not scheduled on the Court’s calendar unless you receive confirmation from the judicial assistant.
  • A courtesy copy of the notice of hearing should be emailed to the judicial assistant.
  • Once a motion or petition is scheduled, any other motions or matters may NOT be noticed at the same time reserved for the first motion unless prior approval has been obtained from the judicial assistant.
  • If a hearing is no longer needed, please notify the Court by emailing the judicial assistant a courtesy copy of the Notice of Cancellation of Hearing.

Attorneys: Proposed Orders and Final Judgments

  • Proposed orders and final judgments shall be submitted via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal (www. https://www.myflcourtaccess.com/). Do not send proposed orders or final judgments by United States Mail or email. All proposed orders or final judgments sent directly to the Court by attorneys will be refused without processing. Proposed Final Judgments shall be submitted to the Court 2 days prior to the hearing.
  • The motion and supporting documentation for the motion shall be filed in the court file using the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal. Please do not provide the Court with supporting documentation or case law unless the submission exceeds 50 pages. If the submission exceeds 50 pages, then mail or hand-deliver a copy of the submission to the Court. The Court will review the case filing system and review any supporting documentation electronically.
  • If there are parties who have not consented to use of e-mail service, stamped envelopes should be mailed or hand delivered to the Judicial Assistant, Kristina Crews. Please clip the envelopes together, along with a sticky note that indicates the case name and case number. PLEASE DO NOT ADDRESS THE ENVELOPES; LEAVE THE ENVELOPES BLANK BUT BE SURE TO ADD THE PROPER POSTAGE.
  • Orders will not be entered until the motion has been docketed and imaged by the Clerk. Docketing and imaging by the Clerk may take more than 48 hours from electronic filing.


Juris Doctor: College of Law, Loyola University New Orleans, 2007
Bachelor of Arts: Criminology and History, University of Florida, 2003


Conference of County Court Judges Legislative Committee
Conference of County Court Judges Canvassing Board Committee
Conference of County Court Judges Committee of 31 Solo County Judges
Conference of County Court Judges Community Outreach Committee
Conference of County Court Judges Judicial Assistants Committee
Eighth Circuit Bar Association Law Week Committee