Frequently Asked Questions

My child is leaving for the military and wants me to take care of his/her child while he/she is in boot camp. I need a court order to enroll her in school, authorize medical care, etc. 

Temporary Custody by Extended Family is when an extended family member, not a biological parent, takes over the custody of a child. This can be filed with or without an attorney. If you wish to file without an attorney, packets for the Temporary Custody by Extended Family are available.

The school board zoning office said that in order to enroll my child in school, I have to get Temporary Custody.

What do they mean? Temporary Custody by Extended Family gives the custody of your child over to a family member. For instance, if the child is living with the grandparents, in order to enroll the child in school, the grandparents would have to get temporary custody to do so.