Alachua Circuit Civil Division MG (Foreclosures) – Sales


  • Alachua County will conduct all Foreclosure Sales online at  Please see Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida, Administrative Order No. 3.07 (May 28, 2015).  All Foreclosure Sale Orders must be in compliance with said Administrative Order.
  • Once the Final Judgment has been entered, plaintiff may then electronically file the Notice of Sale for the scheduled sale date.  The plaintiff is responsible for sending a copy of the Notice of Sale to the appropriate newspaper for publication. The Clerk will generate the Certificate of Sale, Certificate of Title, and Certificate of Disbursements after the sale is held.
  • The successful bidder at each sale shall enter the purchaser’s name and contact information for issuance of the Certificate of Title in the Real Auction database. Based upon the information entered and the outcome of the sale, the Clerk of Court generates the Certificate of Sale, Certificate of Disbursement, and Certificate of Title.  The Clerk of Court will then electronically sign the forms and e-file them through the portal, mailing appropriate copies to those addresses not receiving email.  Plaintiff shall provide envelopes to the Clerk of Court once the Notice of Sale is filed, including the case name, case number, and sale date on the package of envelopes.


  • All Motions to cancel or reschedule a foreclosure sale shall be electronically filed at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled sale date.  Good cause must be shown for the granting of the Motion and all supporting documentation must be attached to the Motion.
  • A proposed Order to cancel/reschedule a foreclosure sale shall be emailed to in WORD format at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled sale date.  
    • The subject line of the email shall indicate:  Motion to Cancel/Reschedule Sale, Alachua County, Case Number.
    • The body of the email shall indicate Alachua County, full case number, style of the case, the parties involved, and whether the parties stipulate to the Motion.
      • If all parties stipulate, a hearing may not be required.  A hearing is required when the parties do not stipulate.
    • All proposed Orders to cancel/reschedule a foreclosure sale must contain a blank space for a new sale date (unless the case is being dismissed).
    • All Orders to cancel/reschedule a foreclosure shall include a certificate of service at the bottom of the order.  Please indicate the name of the party who is to receive the Order, as well as that party’s e-mail/e-service address OR mailing address, if a hard copy is required.
  • A copy of any “Emergency” Motion to cancel/reschedule a foreclosure sale that has been e-filed with the Clerk of Court and served upon opposing counsel should also be provided to  If the Court determines that a hearing is necessary, the Foreclosure Manager will advise the moving party of an expedited date and time for the hearing