Baker, Bradford and Union Foreclosure Proceedings


Pursuant to Eighth Judicial Circuit Administrative Order No. 1.30, with the permission of the client, an attorney may arrange for another attorney to appear at a proceeding to represent a party. Such “coverage” attorneys must file a notice of appearance as co-counsel before the court will recognize the attorney as representing that party. All notices must be filed in compliance with Fla. R. Jud. Admin. 2.505(e). A notice of appearance must be filed prior to the start of the proceedings and counsel must be familiar with the case and fully prepared to address all issues pending before the court. Failure to timely file a proper Notice of Appearance is the same as a non-appearance and may result in the striking of pleadings, dismissal of claims, or the imposition of other permissible sanctions deemed proper, and shall constitute a waiver of Exceptions to the Magistrate’s Report and Recommendation pursuant to Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.490(h)


  • PROPOSED ORDERS for the Civil Division will no longer be accepted via e-filing by the Baker, Bradford and Union County Clerks of Court.  Motions should continue to be e-filed with the Clerk’s Office.
  • Proposed Orders shall be e-mailed to
  • The subject line should provide the following: Proposed Order, [county], [full case number].
  • Please provide the Proposed Order in Word Format, including an enclosure letter and a courtesy copy of the Motion. Supporting documentation for the Motion shall be filed via the Florida Courts’ e-Portal. Please do not provide the Court with the supporting documentation. The Court will review the case filing system and review any supporting documentation electronically.
  • If there are parties who have not consented to use of e-mail service, stamped addressed envelopes should be mailed or hand delivered to the foreclosure manager.
  • Orders will not be entered until the motion has been docketed and imaged by the Clerk.
  • All orders shall include a certificate of service at the bottom of the order. Please indicate the name of the party who is to receive the order, as well as the party’s e-mail/e-service address OR mailing address, if a hard copy is required.


  • Proposed Final Judgments (FJ) shall be e-mailed to at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled hearing date.
  • The subject line should provide the following: Proposed Final Judgment, [county], [full case number], [hearing date].
  • Please attach ONLY an enclosure letter and the Proposed Final Judgment.
  • Certificates of Sale, Certificates of Disbursement, Certificates of Title, and Notices of Sale shall be forwarded separately to the Clerk of Court in accordance with the Clerk’s procedures.
  • The Motion for Summary Judgement and supporting documentation shall be filed via the Florida Courts e-Portal. Please do not provide the Court with the Motion or the supporting documentation. The Court will review the case filing system prior to the hearing.
  • One (1) copy of the Proposed Final Judgment (that was previously e-mailed as required above) shall be brought to the scheduled hearing along with envelopes (with sufficient postage) for only those parties to be served by U.S. Mail rather than by Electronic Mail. (See Administrative Order 1.07). Please clip the envelopes together, along with a sticky note, that indicates the case name and case number.


  • Plaintiff IS REQUIRED to present the original note to the Court on or before the first Case Management Conference. If original documents have previously been filed with the Clerk and one of the parties requests that the original documents be made available for a hearing or trial, a written request must be submitted to the Foreclosure Case Manager no less than three (3) business days prior to the scheduled events.


  • Requests for telephonic appearances are NOT routinely granted. Any requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and granted only in exceptional circumstances. A motion for telephonic appearance must be filed with the Clerk of Court at least FIFTEEN BUSINESS DAYS before the hearing along with a copy e-mailed to


  • A copy of any “Emergency” motion e-filed with the Clerk of Court and served upon opposing counsel should be provided to the Magistrate’s office for review by e-mailing If the Court determines a hearing should be granted, the foreclosure case manager will advise the moving party of an expedited date and time for hearing.


  • The foreclosure manager only accepts requests for hearing dates by e-mail at All hearing requests should include the [county name], [full case number], style of case, type of motion(s) being heard, the attorneys involved, and the amount of time requested. Counsel must coordinate the hearing time prior to contacting the foreclosure case manager to confirm the hearing date and time. Once a date and time has been agreed upon, an e-mail should be sent to the foreclosure case manager confirming the date, and a courtesy copy of the notice of hearing e-mailed to


  • Please be advised that all envelopes and postage provided by the parties become the property of the Eighth Judicial Circuit and if not used in the particular case provided, may be reused in other cases.