Child Support Enforcement

The Judicial Hearing Officer Department is responsible for addressing cases in three major circuit civil areas; establishment, modification, and enforcement.The Northern Region JHO services Baker, Bradford, and Union Counties from its headquarters in the Bradford County Courthouse in Starke. The Western Region JHO is headquartered in the Levy County Courthouse in Bronson and serves Gilchrist and Levy Counties.

Samuel Stafford, Esq.

Alachua – Divison “N” (DOR Child Support Cases)
Baker: DOR Child Support Cases
Bradford: DOR Child Support Cases
Gilchrist – DOR Child Support Cases
Levy – DOR Child Support Cases
Union: DOR Child Support Cases

Nancy Brown-Williford


How can I reduce my child support?

Hire an attorney or packets are available to Modify Child Support, and file the appropriate documents and send notice to the other party.

Why is the child support being taken out of my paycheck when the other parent placed our child/ren with me?

If a Modification for the child/ren home base was not filed to inform the court of changes in the household, the court does not modify your case. After correctly filing the proper petition to modify the home base, the court will hear the litigant’s case and make changes as the court sees fit.

S/He is not paying his court ordered child support. What can I do?

After correctly filing the proper motion to enforce, the case will be heard by the Judge.

I missed my Child Support hearing and now there is a warrant out for my arrest.

For an Alachua County case, contact the office of the Child Support Hearing Officer at (352) 374-3662. For a case in Gilchrist or Levy Counties, call the office of the Child Support Hearing Officer at (352) 486-5382; for a case in Baker, Bradford or Union Counties, call the office of the Child Support Hearing Officer at (904) 966-6319.

My child has turned 18, can I just stop paying child support?

Child support payments do not stop automatically on the child’s 18th birthday. The Court must be petitioned to stop child support payments. Forms are available in the Self-Help Center.