Alachua Family Division DR4 & Baker Family – Proposed Orders

Zoom Hearing Requirements

ID Requirement

  • If a party or witness will provide testimony at the scheduled hearing, the Court must receive by email to  a photograph copy of their Driver’s License or photo ID no later than 3 days before the hearing.

Evidence Requirement

  • The Court no longer accepts exhibits by e-mail.
  • All exhibits should be sent to Judge Brewer’s office (Room 417) in a binder no later than 5 days before the hearing.
  • All exhibits must be pre-marked with a letter for identification
  • An Index of Exhibits should also be included
    • Please indicate on the Index of Exhibits whether each exhibit has or has not been stipulated to by the parties.
  • Please email Jenna Morgan at to make arrangements to drop of your binder(s).

Proposed Orders

  • Proposed Orders may be submitted through the Florida Courts E-Filing portal in Microsoft Word format. If submitted through the e-portal, please also email a courtesy copy in Microsoft Word format to: A courtesy copy of the motion, and a cover letter (if any), should be emailed as well.
  • All orders shall have a 2″ x 3.5″ blank space on the first page of the order in the upper right-hand corner. An example of an order with this space requirement can be found here.
  • All orders shall include a certificate of service at the bottom of the order.  Please indicate the name of the party who is to receive the order, as well as that party’s e-mail/e-service address OR mailing address, if a hard copy is required.
  • If there are any parties to the case requiring service by US mail, attorneys shall submit pre-addressed, postage paid envelopes to the office of Judge Brewer. Please make a note of the case number on the envelope.

Scheduling of Hearings

  • The judge’s scheduling calendars are not available online.  Please email to request hearing time. The email request should include:
    • Case number
    • Style of the case
    • A courtesy copy of the motion(s) or petitions(s) being set
    • The total amount of time requested from both sides
  • Our office does not hold suggested dates for hearings and a hearing is not scheduled on the Court’s calendar unless you receive confirmation from the judicial assistant.
  • A courtesy copy of the notice of hearing should be emailed to the judicial assistant.
  • Once a motion or petition is scheduled, any other motions or matters may NOT be noticed at the same time reserved for the first motion unless prior approval has been obtained from the judicial assistant.
  • If a hearing is no longer needed, please notify the Court by emailing the judicial assistant a courtesy copy of the Notice of Cancellation of Hearing.

Please note that emergency hearings may be set by the Court.