Ordering Transcripts & Recordings

We accept electronic payments, certified checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders payable to the State of Florida.
We are unable to accept personal checks, cash, or credit cards as payment.
For written transcripts, a deposit of half is required in advance, with the balance due upon completion of your request.

Requesting Transcripts & Recordings

To request a written transcript or audio/video recording, please complete the form below. After your request has been submitted, the Court Reporting Department will contact you within 1-2 business days with an estimate of cost, payment options, and a delivery date.

In accordance with section 29.0195, Florida Statutes, which requires the trial court administrator to recover the actual cost of services being provided, the fees are as follows:

Costs for Written Transcripts

  • Research Fee: $30.00 per hour
  • $4.50 per page for 30-day delivery (30 days from receipt of deposit)
  • $6.75 per page for 7-day delivery (if available)
  • $9.00 per page for overnight delivery (if available)
  • Please note that 50% of the estimated cost will be required in advance for written transcriptions, with the balance due upon completion of your request. We are unable to accept more than the deposit amount because the estimate may be slightly higher or lower.

Costs for Digital Recordings

  • Audio/video recording: $35.00 per proceeding per day requested
  • Review and Redaction: $22.50 per hour
  • PLEASE NOTE: Transcripts not prepared by the Eighth Judicial Circuit staff or one of its contractors in due process cases are not the official record

Redaction and Dissemination of Digital Recordings

Pursuant to Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC11-22, before any audio/video recording is released to a non-party, it shall be redacted by Court Reporting of any confidential material, as defined by applicable law.

Unredacted recordings are available only to the parties to a case and their attorneys of record and may not be disseminated. To request an unredacted recording, the party or attorney must agree to comply with the Prohibition Against Dissemination by checking the appropriate box in the request form below.

Redacted recordings are available to the general public and to parties or attorneys who may wish to disseminate the recordings. The cost of redaction is $22.50 per hour.

Court Reporting Contacts

Questions regarding transcripts or recording requests should be directed to the Court Reporting Office as follows:

For additional information on the Court Reporting Program, please see Administrative Order No. 1.14.