Available A/V Equipment

Throughout the Eighth Circuit there are two types of AV equipment available for courtroom presentation, depending on the courthouse and courtroom of your event (please see below for locations and specific equipment availability)

  • 55-inch LCD TV Carts that include a mounted PC for your use as well as a rear facing monitor that is a duplicate of the image on the front facing TV.
  • Built-in evidence presentations systems that can be plugged into directly from the attorney tables via HDMI connection and display on a wall-mounted TV (or screen)

This equipment is provided at no cost to attorneys and pro se parties but, with some caveats (see below).

55-inch TV Carts


  • Court Technology may not be available to assist you with technical difficulties during your trial and court event, and they are unable to operate the equipment for you.  Therefore, please try out your presentation beforehand to ensure compatibility. If you are bringing in evidence on a laptop, please make sure it has an HDMI port or a way to adapt to HDMI.
  • If you intend to use the TV Cart on-board computer rather than your own laptop, please note that any proprietary media format (i.e. some law enforcement in-car camera footage or medical imaging files) should be tested prior to your court event.

Appearance by Video

The Eighth Judicial Circuit now offers the ability for parties involved in court events to appear by video using Zoom. This is subject to approval by the presiding judge. Please see Zoom Instructions for additional information.