Reserving Deposition and Mediation Rooms

Mediation and deposition rooms are available for use in Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy and Union counties.  To request one, please provide the following information via e-mail:

  • County in which the room is needed
  • Attorney or Mediator’s Name
  • Case name and number
  • Date and time needed
  • Expected duration
  • Number of people expected to be physically present
  • Whether arrangements will need to be made for telephonic conferencing

To reserve a room in the Baker County Courthouse, please e-mail Pam Smith

To reserve a room in the Bradford or Union County Courthouses, please e-mail Diane Miller

To reserve a room in the Levy County Courthouse, please email Brandi White, (352) 486-5458,

To reserve a room in the Gilchrist County Courthouse, please e-mail Heather Jarosz, (352) 463-4015,

Please note that there are no deposition or mediation room spaces available for use in either of the courthouses in Alachua County.  Additionally, the Court cannot provide Court Reporting services for depositions.