General Magistrates and Hearing Officers

General Magistrates

Jodi Cason
Baker, Bradford, and Union: Mortgage Foreclosures and Juvenile Dependency

Alachua: Family Division Cases Referred by Division Judge

Alachua – Tina Haynes
Baker, Bradford and Union – TBD
Juvenile Dependency – Candace Thomas

Division Procedures:
Baker, Bradford and Union – Foreclosure
Baker, Bradford and Union – Foreclosure Sales

Katherine L. Floyd
Alachua: Residential Mortgage Foreclosures
Alachua: Mental Health Division “S”
Alachua: Mental Health Division “Q”
Gilchrist and Levy: Mortgage Foreclosures
Gilchrist and Levy: Juvenile Dependency
Gilchrist, Levy and Union: Guardianship
Levy: Probate
Levy: Pro Se

Mental Health – Tina Haynes
Juvenile Dependency – Candace Thomas

Division Procedures:

Zoom Guidelines

Levy Probate
Gilchrist, Levy and Union – Guardianship
Alachua – Foreclosures
Alachua – Foreclosure Sales 
Gilchrist – Foreclosures
Gilchrist – Foreclosure Sales
Levy – Foreclosures
Levy – Foreclosure Sales
Levy: Pro Se
Alachua – Mental Health Division “S” (Baker Acts and Marchman Acts)

Nancy Wilkov
Alachua Juvenile Dependency

Assistant: Candace Thomas

Division Procedures
General Dependency Policies & Procedures
Telephone Appearance Procedures

Bridget Baker

Alachua: Guardianship
Baker: Guardianship and Mental Health
Bradford: Guardianship

Guardianship Assistant: Sydney Freid

Mental Health Assistant: Tina Haynes

Alachua, Baker, Bradford – Probate and Guardianship Procedures

Judicial Hearing Officers

Samuel Stafford
CSE Director & Hearing Officer

Alachua Division “N” (DOR Child Support Cases)
Levy – DOR Child Support Cases

Assistant: Nancy Brown-Williford

Jodi Cason
Baker: DOR Child Support Cases
Bradford: DOR Child Support Cases
Gilchrist: DOR Child Support Cases
Union: DOR Child Support Cases

Assistant: Nancy Brown-Williford