Juror Information

Please be aware that there is currently a nationwide identity theft scam where callers identifying themselves as jury personnel attempt to solicit personal information such as social security numbers and bank account information.  A number of courts across the country, including our own, have also reported that citizens are being targeted by a juror “phishing” email.  “Phishing” scams are attempts by hackers or other unauthorized individuals to get personal information, usually for use in identity theft or other illegal endeavors.  The messages may look convincingly official and may include an attachment that if opened can install malicious software on your computer or steal personal information off your computer. 

The Court will never ask prospective jurors for this type of information.  Do not provide this information, either by phone or e-mail, and do not open any attachments to an email from someone claiming to represent the Court system.  In the event you receive an e-mail or phone call that you feel may not be legitimate, please contact the Court Administrators office at 352-374-3638.