Local Rule 3.100 (A)


LOCAL RULE  3.100 (A)


WHEREAS, the Supreme Court of Florida has ordered each judicial circuit develop a local rule establishing a family division in its circuit; and

WHEREAS, the Eighth Judicial Circuit has established a circuit wide Family Law Division since July 1, 1991; it is therefore

ORDERED as follows:

There shall be a circuit wide Family Law Division in the Eighth Judicial Circuit effective upon approval of the Supreme Court of the State of Florida which shall have the following jurisdiction:

A.        Dissolution of marriage;

B.        Division and distribution of property arising out of a dissolution of marriage;

C.        Annulment;

D.        Support unconnected with dissolution of marriage;

E.         Paternity;

F.         Child support;

G.        URESA/UIFSA;

H.        Custodial care of children and access to children;

I.          Adoptions authorized in Chapter 63, Florida Statutes;

J.          Name changes;

K.        Declaratory judgment actions related to premarital, marital, or postmarital agreements;

L.         Domestic, dating, sexual, and repeat violence injunctions;

M.        Termination of parental rights as authorized in Chapter 63, Florida Statutes;

N.        Emancipation of a minor;

O.        Delayed certificate of birth;

P.         Modification and enforcement of orders entered in Family Division cases;

Q.        Dependency;

R.        Termination of parental rights;

S.         Juvenile delinquency;

T.         Children in Need of Services/Families in Need of Services;

U.        Truancy;

V.        Specialty courts, including juvenile drug court and dependency drug court.

The assignment of the cases and counties for the judges of the Family Law Division shall be determined by Administrative Order.  This assignment order will establish procedures to assign all current family law matters that affect one family to one judge.


I certify that the majority of the judges in the Eighth Judicial Circuit have consented to the establishment of a family division as set forth in foregoing Local Rule 3.100 (A), and request approval by the Supreme Court of Florida.

       Dated September 29, 2006

                                                                                             /s/Frederick D. Smith            
                                                                                             Frederick D. Smith, Chief Judge