Arbitration in Circuit and County Civil Cases

Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 3.04, the Chief Judge of the Eighth Judicial Circuit has established compensation and procedures for the use of court ordered arbitration in accordance with Section 44.103, Florida Statutes.

At the discretion of the presiding judge, any civil action, or any part thereof, may be referred to non-binding arbitration, except for those matters excluded from non-binding arbitration under Rule 1.800, Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

The Court Administrator for the Eighth Judicial Circuit, through its ADR Director, will maintain a list of persons who are qualified to serve as arbitrators as set forth in Florida Rules of Arbitration 11.010, 11.020, and 11.110.  Anyone who has satisfied the qualification and training requirements and who wishes to be listed as a qualified arbitrator in the Eighth Judicial Circuit should complete an application and submit it to the office of the Chief Judge. 

For further information, contact Mary-Ellen Cross, ADR Director at (352) 491-4417.