Self-Help Pages

Electronic filing through the Florida Courts ePortal is mandatory for attorneys in all divisions of the court. Parties not represented by an attorney are encouraged to file through the Florida Courts ePortal, and may click here to view an instructional video. Please refer to Administrative Order 1.20 for more information on E-Filing in the Eighth Judicial Circuit.

Photo of self-help center at Family and Civil Justice Center

Proposed orders, proposed judgments, and other documents to be entered by the Court shall be submitted to the Court pursuant to that division’s procedures. They are not to be E-Filed through the ePortal, or mailed to the Clerks of Court.

Several judges in the Eighth Judicial Circuit are now bulk E-Filing. If you have received an order via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal for a matter with which you are no longer associated, please visit E-Portal Frequently Asked Questions for information on how to remove your name from the Portal’s E-Service list for that particular matter. Additional information can be found at: Florida Courts E-Filing Portal E-Filer Manual. Please note that the E-Portal is not administered by the Eighth Judicial Circuit, and the court does not have any control over the Portal service lists for individual cases. Contact the E-Portal authority with additional questions on how to control notifications from the E-Portal.

See the Florida State Court’s website for more information, the Alachua Clerk of Court’s E-Filing page, and the Florida Bar’s website.